•      iLram Choi, pronounced (iLL-Rom-Choy) was born in the States and grew up in Louisville, Kentucky.  He learned to crawl, walk, kick, then flip.  Martial arts and acrobatics was his passion, however; in the beginning it was not.  He started learning Tai Kwon Do as young as he could remember. He was forced to learn it at a Korean Community Church as part of a youth program and truly hated it. 
  •      In his early teens he was influenced by his dad and video games to incorporate acrobatics to his martial arts.  He was self taught with some of the familiar flips and unique ones that he created. The two unique flips that are well known today are the "CORK" and the "BACKSIDE FLIP."     
  •      When video cameras came out, he made his way to the small screen by making home video movies.  Him and his friends enjoyed creating short films  involving comedy and action.  This obviously lead him to his career as a stunt performer/actor.  
  •      He also started to pursue art in high school, which lead him to get a scholarship at the “Savannah College of Art and Design”.  He double majored in video and computer art.  He incorporated his martial arts and acrobatic skills in his school's assignments as much as possible.  In the last year of college he created an action short film called “SEMPITERNAL,” incorporating both his majors.  The short film won the "best of show" award.  
  •      In 1997 iLram moved to Dallas,Texas for his first job as a Visual Effects Artist/Editor at The Stokes Group which is now called Post Asylum.  It's a post-production company that is digitally equipped with software and hardware that will finish any video or sound job.  He took advantage of this facility in creating projects that would showcase the skills of his performance and art. One of his projects was an experimental short utilizing motion graphics with a fight scene called "LANTERN," which won a world medal at the New York Festivals. 
  •      In 2003 iLram moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue is long life dream in becoming a stunt performer.  His experience in producing, directing, camera work, visual fx and editing has molded him into a well rounded knowledgable stunt performer that has an awareness of the industry.