Produced by: Ilram Choi
Based on a Concept by: Ilram Choi and David Peng
Directed by: Ilram Choi
Camera Operator: Henry Ji and Sherry Cayman
Edited by: Ilram Choi
Intro Building: David Peng
Compositing/Titles/Effects: Ilram Choi
Original Music and Master Track Production: Gordon Gibson
Sound Design/Effects: Gordon Gibson and Ilram Choi
Costumes by: Ilram Choi and David Peng
Cast: Ilram Choi and David Peng
Special Thanks To:Stokes Group, SCAD,Hilary Christinsen,
and for any others that had helped

"LANTERN" is a self promotional demo concepted, produced and directed to provide a forum for several different skill sets and make the most of my resources.

As a stunt coordinator and martial artist, I was aiming for an interesting application to showcase myself in a manner that stepped outside the more predictable "fight sequences." At the same time, I designed a project that allowed me to integrate my skills as a graphic artist with a specialty in compositing. The ultimate goal was to create a piece that could be used as both a mailing and an element of my web site in hopes of generating interest and work in any one of my areas of expertise.