Produced by: Deva George & Ilram Choi
Written by: Deva George
Directed by: Deva George & Ilram Choi
Camera Operator: Deva George & Ilram Choi
Edited by: Ilram Choi
Graphics: Deva George
Visual Effects: Ilram Choi
Sound Design by: Frank Salazar
Kim Chee......Ilram Choi
Thambi.........Deva George
Tai Guei........David Peng
Referee........Harry Choi
Crowd...........Jennifer & ilram Choi, Kristyn Clement
Special Thanks To:The Stokes Group &
Southwestern Gymnastics

Inspired by a television talk show interview with a soft spoken, actual Tai Chi master, Deva and I set out to create a humorous parody of the classic Eastern discipline of Tai Chi. Deva actually wrote the script in one night then we later collaborated ideas to make it funny as funny could be. “TAI CHI MASTERS” was created on a shoestring budget with help from both family and friends. The aim was to showcase our graphic abilities as well as our skills as comedy writers and actors.