The 5 Cent team: Ilram Choi, Deva George, Cynthia Hall, Stu Scandrett, April Wilson
Produced, Written, &Directed by: 5 Cent team
Camera Operator: Ilram Choi, Deva George, & Stu Scandrett
Edited by: Ilram Choi & April Wilson
Graphics & Sound Design by: Ilram Choi & Deva George
Police chief VO by:Deva George
Jacko Chin.......Ilram Choi
Brice Wallice....Deva George
The Stranger...Cynthia Hall
Red Neck.........Stu Scandrett
Hot Blond.........April Wilson
Bartender........Jimmy Sellers
Senator...........Barry King
Special Thanks To:PostAsylum, Ozona, & Tom Pritchett

This is our 2nd video piece that was concepted, written, storyboarded, shot, and then edited w/ effects within 24 hours. This video was soley created for a contest called "The 24 hour video race" by the Dallas Video Festival. This is the sequal to the first one we did in the previous year called "Photo Finish". In the start of the race we all were given 3 things: theme, place, and prop. This year they added a line of dialogue "We Must Be Nuts". The theme was The Stranger. The place was any body of water. The prop was an umbrella. However, this piece is the polished version. The actual one we turned in was a little rough. We made it to the finish line by the skin of our teeth. 9 seconds before the deadline.