Executive Producer: Cynthia Hall
Produced by: Ilram Choi & Deva George
Written by: Deva George & Ilram Choi
Directed by: Ilram Choi & Deva George
Camera Operator: Ilram Choi, Deva George, & Stu Scandrett
Edited by: Ilram Choi
Graphics: Deva George
Sound Design by: Ilram Choi & Deva George
Voice Over by:Deva George
Jacko Chin.......Ilram Choi
Brice Wallice....Deva George
Bad Guy...........Deva George
Fighter............Stu Scandrett
Kid Victim.......Stu Scandrett
Special Thanks To:The Stokes Group, Stu Scandrett

"Photo Finish" is a video piece that was concepted, written, storyboarded, shot, and then edited w/ effects within 24 hours. This video was soley created for a contest called "The 24 hour video race" by the Dallas Video Festival. There were a total of about 70 teams. In the start of the race we all were given 3 things: theme, place, and prop. The theme was photo finish. The place was a school, any type of school. The prop was a wind up eye ball toy. Having to combine these 3 things into a video piece only having 24 hours was definately a photo finish itself.