Produced by: Ilram Choi & Deva George
Written by: Deva George & Ilram Choi
Directed by: Ilram Choi & Deva George
Camera Operator: Michael Fleetwood,
Terisa Davis, & Lauren Graham
Edited by: Ilram Choi
Graphics: Deva George
Music by: Joshua Falcon
Ilram Choi
Jeremy Tantibanchachai
Stuart Scandrett
Devadas George
Barak Epstein
Special Thanks To:Bart Weiss

Inspired by a movie called "Yamakasi" Deva and I set out to create a humorous parody of this new uprising urban sport. We intended for this to be more involved and a lengthier production, but due to time constraints for a festival deadline we cut a trailer instead; the real piece will come out in Feburary 2003. This was more or less a test. The real piece is now finished and is availible for puchase. It's a DVD with commentary and extras. Just email me for now and I'll give you all the details (